About Us

abtWe provide a wide range of quality house hold plastic articles for daily use to ease routine life style. Plastic is replacing conventional modes of storage like wood, stone, iron, steel, copper Etc. It is very tough, resilient, eye appealing and easy to use which is the main reason for its wide acceptance in the modern lifestyle.

We are into manufacturing and marketing of household utility and school products such as Lunch boxes, Pencil boxes, Water bottles, Kitchen containers, Fridge bottles, Soap cases, Household articles, Gift sets, Salt n pepper and a special range of Lock and Fit containers which we ensure are made with stringent quality check from 100% virgin materials so that they are safe to use by each and everyone…

Our products are widely accepted all over the country due to high quality standard easy to use elegant colours and high quality of printing and design.

Our motto of ‘Growth with quality and high customer’s satisfaction’ keeps us on our toes due to which our products are available for the customers and accepted by them.